Boris Johnson | Johnson defends ‘ambitious’ joint response to pandemic at G20

Johnson defends ‘ambitious’ joint response to pandemic at G20

The British Prime Minister underscored the UK’s commitment to helping universal access to future vaccines.

, we can chart a path out of the pandemic and build a better, greener future, “added Johnson, who next year will host the COP26 climate summit to be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

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During this Saturday’s meeting on the challenges posed by COVID-19, the British Prime Minister will underline the United Kingdom’s commitment to work towards universal access to future vaccines. See here: Johnson will encourage the rest of

participants to collaborate on the COVAX platform, through which middle- and high-income countries can finance vaccination of the poorest, Downing Street, its official office, said in a statement. Sunday, during the session dedicated to sustainable development, the British President will welcome the commitment of

reduce their emissions by various members of the G20 and call on others to adopt the same goals. Also read: The Prime Minister “will warn that we risk failing next generations if we do not take decisive steps towards

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