Police Independent Constable has denied delaying the announcement of whether Boris Johnson should be the subject of an investigation into his relationship with US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri .

The result is a report in L & # 39; Observer affirming that the IOPC Fund had accepted at a private meeting before the dissolution of Parliament to postpone its decision in the aftermath of the elections.

Workers described the intervention as "a crackdown on information the public is entitled to have," while the Liberals-Liberals questioned whether "the Prime Minister's lawyers had exerted undue pressure."

However, the Independent Bureau for Police Conduct stated that it had not yet made a final decision.

"The IOPC Fund firmly refutes these claims," ​​he tweeted. "This case has not been finalized yet, we have not delayed any announcement regarding the status of this referral." Our assessment of this case is ongoing as we continue to collect information and discuss ask for legal advice. "