Boris Johnson promised that all British adults will be vaccinated against COVID-19 before the end of July

The premier said that the acceleration of the immunization plans will allow to advance the steps of the deconfinement, which will be announced this Monday.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated that all British adults can be vaccinated against coronavirus before the end of July, thus accelerating the planned schedule, just before announcing a “prudent” exit from confinement on Monday.

“We have proposed to offer a vaccine to all adults by the end of July, which will help us protect the most vulnerable sooner, and we will take more measures to ease some of the restrictions in force,” the premier said in a statement.

More than 17 million people in Britain have received their first dose of the vaccine so far, almost one in three adults.

The Government seeks to accelerate the vaccination plan by which, in the first place, it will offer a vaccine before April 15 to adults over 50 years of age and to those with underlying health problems.

Until now, the Executive anticipated having given an appointment to vaccinate all adults before the end of September. Johnson mentioned that the acceleration plan for the vaccine will ease some of the strict measures of COVID-19, although he added that “the route out of the blockade will be cautious and staggered.”

Likewise, the British Prime Minister pledged to donate surplus vaccines to the poorest countries. On the other hand, the director of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has urged Great Britain to immediately start donating vaccines to the poorest countries, instead of waiting for a surplus, stating that “equitable access it interests both rich and poor countries ”.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries most affected by the epidemic, with more than 120,000 people dying from the virus, although the confinement decreed at the beginning of January has reduced the number of cases and hospitalizations.

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The conservative leader plans to announce to parliament on Monday his roadmap to get out of confinement, and the priority will be the reopening of schools progressively from March 8. Johnson, who has already advanced his intention for schools to resume their face-to-face activity as of March 8, will unveil his full program in an appearance before the House of Commons on Monday at around 15.30 GMT and will offer at the last minute of the late a press conference.

The number of coronavirus infections has decreased by 19.2% in the last seven days, to 10,406 infections registered on Saturday, while deaths have also fallen, 22.1% in the same period, although on Saturday they rebounded to 1,492 new deceased.

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