Boris Johnson posted a weird video selfie on Facebook in which he talks to the camera about his "very, very long week".

The Prime Minister watched the clip as he was taking off from Leeds Airport on Friday, ending the six-minute video saying, "This is your captain who speaks".

In a frenzy, Johnson gives viewers a recap of his week, including a "big cabinet", "a big thing in a school" and a visit to the "fantastic place" of Rotherham.

This comes after a few hectic days for the prime minister, who was heckled during his Rotherham speech on Friday morning.

Heckled: Boris Johnson during his speech in Rotherham (Getty Images)

He was also accused of lying to the Queen about the prorogation of Parliament when the government was forced to disclose the Brexit files without a contract from the Yellowhammer operation.

In the first article of the genre, Johnson seems to be experimenting with a new social media strategy as he talks about what he has accomplished.

Looking into the camera, the prime minister says, "Hello people, you hear me?" Is Boris here.

"I am about to fly to the Leeds airport where I just spoke today to some people at the end of a busy week."

Mr Johnson will talk about his trip to Dublin on Monday, where he discussed a new Brexit deal with Leo Varadkar, calling the Irish Taoiseach, "a very very nice guy".

"Then we had a session in Parliament, a pretty hectic session, you may have noticed, it made the news," he continues.

"All kinds of excitations in Parliament because we need a speech from the Queen," he said, while continuing to talk about prorogation.

"Some deputies thought it was anti-democratic, you know, even though we twice proposed to them the election, that they unapologetically refused."

Addressing the camera, he said: "My friends, they had three years to think about Brexit, these people."

"What's taking them?"

Boris Johnson has published a Bizaar video selfie on Facebook, where he talks about his "very very long week". (Boris Johnson)

Mr Johnson even attacked Jeremy Corbyn, saying that it was "totally crazy" that the Labor Party leader wants to stay in the EU after the October deadline.

When he starts speaking on Thursday, Mr. Johnson interrupts his discussion by saying, "We are about to take off, we are taking off, fasten your seat belts."

He adds: "The UK is about to become a great shipbuilding nation, did you like my use of metaphor?"

Mr. Johnson finally said, "The week has been wonderful, very exciting, obviously there is a lot of political action.

"Everyone on Twitter is talking about what we are doing to get out of the EU, but trust me, we are going to get there."

"Whatever it is, it's all for me – complete – it's your captain who speaks – completely."