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His scruffy appearance always sets him apart. Why do you never brush over?

The very personal stamp of the highest commoner authority in the United Kingdom is a blond hair, straight and — above all — abominably disheveled. It would seem that Boris Johnson He will arrive at each public meeting brought by a hurricane wind that violently deposits him a few meters from the television cameras, with enough time for him to get up from the ground, shake off the dust and place himself in front of the television cameras that will transmit his statements to the British territory and to the world.

Why does it appear like this? Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (born June 19, 1964) is at least a striking character who has surely realized that his disheveled presence causes a certain sympathy that, according to a columnist for the English-born newspaper Financial Times, In a way it has helped him to occupy, first, the leadership of the Conservative Party, then, the Mayor of London and, finally, the position of Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister.

Logically, Boris Johnson is a type of brilliant intelligence. And it also has a magnetic charisma that last December gave confidence to a journalist to ask him why the look of her hair.

The journalist said: “Your hair is everywhere and my mother wants to know why.” Johnson replied: “It is something that has to do with my hair, but I can tell you that I do brush it … I have a brush in my office”, collects the portal

The prime minister, who carried out official activities in the city of Bolton, concluded: “Will you give your mother all the best to have a very merry Christmas?”

That fact was reviewed by a good part of the British press, because Boris Johnson’s hair is really a matter of State.

“It is a weapon that he has persistently used in the past to divert attention from any hint of evil,” they wrote in the British edition of the magazine. Marie Claire. His appearance, always messy and untidy, gives him the appearance of “having been working all night.” Her hair even had its own Twitter account (@Boris_Hair), a compilation of his stellar moments, published the Spanish newspaper The country, who added that breaking with the stylistic rules linked to politics is a strategy to get closer to the people.

But hair is not the only thing. The European press has had enough of publishing stories about her ramshackle outfits. The newspaper ABC Has published: “Their suits, badly cut, include jackets too square and too short sleeves that show their shirts beyond the fists. When he walks or poses standing up, he doesn’t even close a button on his jacket but leaves it open, either by mistake or because sometimes he doesn’t even close it ”.

Sports activities do not favor it either, at least when choosing outfits. Photo: Taken from The New York Times.

That medium added that their ties They are usually ordinary, they look badly placed and often wrinkled, and that on many occasions he is left without a jacket and with his white shirt unbuttoned, something that does not favor him very much. “And when he goes out for a run, he does it wearing black sneakers, a floral swimsuit, a green sweatshirt and some ridiculous cap.” The guy, it seems, maintains a permanent war against fashion.

All this despite the fact that the press often mention that his fiancee, Carrie Symonds, A conservationist and political activist, she has helped him improve his appearance. (I)

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