BORIS Johnson will not be able to obtain a majority if it does not conduct Brexit by 31 October, a survey has found.

A ComRes poll showed at last week's Tory conference revealed that Westminster would have another parliament that would hang if there was a third delay in our exit from the EU.

    Boris would lose the majority if he postpones the Brexit


Boris would lose the majority if he postpones the BrexitPhoto credits: AP: Associated Press

The Daily Telegraph reported that the Tories would be missing the majority of 14 in this case and Westminster would remain in further chaos.

But with a deal on October 31, the premier would receive a majority of 118 seats.

According to the survey, no deal would lead to a majority of 114 seats.

The news comes when Boris Johnson and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar yesterday raised hopes for a deal after their two-and-a-half-hour conversation.

The couple said their talks were positive and constructive.

The EU announced today that it will "intensify" the talks that will take place throughout the weekend.

The Prime Minister is in a race against time to seal a deal before he has promised to leave the block on October 31st.

And now he is trying to outline the essence of an agreement ahead of a critical EU summit next week with other European leaders.

This Saturday, parliamentarians will meet in Parliament for a historic meeting on Saturday.

You could be asked to approve a deal that Boris brings from Brussels – or face the fallout if the Prime Minister announces that we leave without consent.

If Boris fails, he must find a way to circumvent the Benn Act – which requires him to request an extension of Article 50 if there is no agreement by 19 October.

However, the Prime Minister has insisted that he will take us out without agreement, no matter what.

Boris Johnson says there is a "road" to the Brexit agreement that will leave the whole UK – but he admits that it is "not a closed deal"

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