Much reaction to Corbyn's courageous move. Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson The idea of ​​the Labor leader to become a PM janitor has been quickly dismissed, stating that he is not the right man for the job.

"Jeremy Corbyn is not the person who will be able to build an even temporary majority in the House of Commons for this task. I would expect that there are people in his own party and indeed the necessary conservative backers who would not be willing to support him, "she said. "It's nonsense."

There was cautious support from Plaid Cymru, with Liz Saville Roberts The party is open to unity, regardless of who heads it, but priority must be given to stopping Brexit.

The SNPs Ian Blackford welcomed the letter from the Labor leader when he said the party would overthrow the Tories in a vote of no confidence. "I'll be happy to meet the Labor leader and others as soon as possible to work together," he said. "I can also confirm that SNP is ready to overthrow this Tory government if Labor issues a vote of no confidence."

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, another recipient of the letter, also said she would support a vote of no confidence, but wanted Corbyn Labor's support for another MP to lead a provisional government should his government offer fail.

In the meantime, change UK leaders Anna Soubry expressed her disappointment that she had not been included in the letter and described Mr. Corbyn's plan as a "stunt".