Boris Johnson’s Nanny

The first authority in a country (with the permission of the Queen of England) uses a donor from her party to pay the nanny. Downing Street says that British tabloids are devoted to “gossip.” The Foreign Minister participated in a television program and you almost have to apologize for asking. That he couldn’t comment on every little gossip story that appears in the newspapers!

Kill the messenger… the problem is not the topic, but rather that the topic is discussed. As outrageous as it is shabby. Like the easy recourse of post-truth: everything that doesn’t interest is dispatched as a fake.

But morality also has low scales. Boris Johnson has long been the focus of the media with the call Wallpapergate: thousands of pounds paid by the exclusives lords of the Conservative Party to “renew” the official residence in which dwells one of the most powerful politicians in Europe (before and after the Brexi) with his current partner Carrie Symonds. The expenses of the babysitter of his grandson are an anecdote for a guy who charges 157,372 pounds a year but who “needs” – so he would have confessed to his most intimate surroundings – about 300,000 to cover expenses. That would be the headline: that does not make the end of the month!

Maybe it’s a scandal less but significant. “Voracious Pharisees, they have no morality other than that of greed”: the expression with which the dictionary illustrates the use of the word “greed” hardly differs from the desire to possess goods and wealth that defines “greed” as a capital sin. And both are great, almost epic, for behaviors of this type. Because we are not talking about laws, we are talking about pettiness.

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Certainly, all families are happy, but also rich or poor, in their own way. Johnson can not live with 180,000 euros and there are those who do (and with dignity) with a zero less. I never understood why UrdangarĂ­n committed a crime (to get more) when he had everything; I have never finished knowing when King Juan Carlos squandered the end of his reign when he only had to let go. And you don’t have to have blue blood (by inheritance or kinship) to fall into the trap of insatiability. Do you remember the case of the tarjetas black?

We always want more. It will be another side effect of the innate instinct of attachment to life. Another contraindication for which we have not been able to find a vaccine. I correct myself: an ancient weakness from which we have never wanted to heal.


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