Irish Commissioner Phil Hogan has launched a "deliberate personal attack" against the Prime Minister on the day of the return of a blameless trip to Germany and France to negotiate the withdrawal agreement, said L & # 39; Mr. Johnson's team. Mr. Hogan targeted Mr. Johnson by comparing Winston Churchill, his icon, with a nasty warning about the "serious consequences" of a Brexit without agreement before adding, which would create an "unpleasant atmosphere" between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Mr Johnson's team accused the EU leader of "deliberate personal attacks against him".

Hogan said Johnson considered himself a "modern" version of the former prime minister, who died in 1965 after a stroke.

In attacking the blond politician, he added: "However, in the event of a Brexit without agreement, the only legacy of the British government will be: never have done so much damage to as much. "

He said that Johnson's view that Northern Irish support would be "undemocratic" "seems strange from an unelected prime minister".

Johnson's team was enthusiastic about this, accusing both Mr Hogan and the EU of "playing games".

A government source told The Times: "Deliberate personal attacks like this are just the sort of ploys that led to the failure of reaching an agreement last time.

"The backstop is toxic and would leave the EU under the control of laws and taxes without democratic accountability. If the EU is really eager to negotiate an agreement, it will recognize it. "

Despite the attacks, Mr Johnson received a boost yesterday following a meeting in Berlin with Ms Merkel.

She suggested that it would be possible to get a new solution at the Irish border in the next 30 days.

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The controversial deal did not get enough support in three significant votes until May left her prime minister position, allowing Johnson to take over.

Mr. Macron said, "We need visibility in 30 days. Nobody will wait until October 31 to find the right solution.

"We could not do anything at the last minute. We will make the most of it. Michel Barnier will be part of it to try to find solutions.

"Like Mrs Merkel, I am convinced that we should be able to find something smart, if there is goodwill on both sides."

He added, "We will not find a new withdrawal agreement in the next 30 days very different from the existing one.

"We must respect what has been negotiated."

During a tense press conference today, Johnson said: "To ensure confidence in politics, it is essential that if you hold a referendum you must act according to the instructions of the voters.

"That's why we have to leave the EU on October 31st, agreement or not."