So did she or did not she? Jennifer Arcuri is still not saying if she had an affair with Boris Johnson. Not exactly.

But she does not want you to think, not for one minute, that she was not someone special in her life. Mistress, girlfriend, lover, courtesan? Pray do tell, Jennifer, what was the exact nature of your role? We are all dying to know.

'I was Boris' Anne Boleyn,' says Arcuri in her first print interview since the scandal broke. You were? 'I sure was,' she insists.

Anne Boleyn made Henry VIII literally crazy for six years because she would not give him her virtue. She never gave away so much because she knew that if she did, what happened to her sister would happen to her.

'I was Boris' Anne Boleyn,' says Arcuri (pictured) in her first print interview since the scandal broke. You were? 'I sure was,' she insists

'I was Boris' Anne Boleyn,' says Arcuri (pictured) in her first print interview since the scandal broke. You were? 'I sure was,' she insists

Mary Boleyn had an adulterous relationship with the king and was later banished.

Yet surely Anne's fate was worse? She seduced Henry VIII, only to be cruelly cast aside and her reputation ripped apart, before her life ended on a scaffold at the Tower of London.

Thankfully, Jennifer Arcuri's head is still on her shoulders.

Just as Anne Boleyn once enjoyed the benefits of keeping a powerful man in her thrall, it was clear Jennifer did exactly the same in her relationship with the Prime Minister, back when he was the Mayor of London.

'I was categorically clear that the moment I gave Boris my virtue, I would be cast out. That's why I made my buddy. I would like to say: "You do not want me, I'm very demanding and very demanding." He used to laugh and say: "I do not believe that at all."

'I was categorically clear that the moment I gave Boris (Johnson, pictured) my virtue, I would be cast out. That's why I made my buddy. I would like to say: "You do not want me, I'm not sure that at all."

'I was categorically clear that the moment I gave Boris (Johnson's my virtue, I would be out of it. very demanding. "He used to laugh and say: 'I do not believe that at all.'

He did not? 'He did not. He would say: "Jennifer, you're the Mount Everest every man wants to climb." But the last thing I wanted to be the girl that showed up, sh *** ed him and left.

Who does? 'Right. And it was far more rewarding for me to have a friendship with Boris because he was charismatic and fun and a stimulating person.

Sitting across from me in the living room of her Los Angeles home, there is indeed a touch of the dimpled Tudor wench about her. But with her blond hair, California tan and curvy is a very modern femme fatale.

According to her version of events, Boris never got her crampons on and made a dash for the Jen-summit. While it seems unlikely for a man with his libidinous reputation, Jennifer seems unlikely to be a good friend.

What are they going to be like in the past year? A five-year 'thing', whatever the 'thing' was.

How did they spend their time together in the capital? Once they went to a restaurant called Fish! in Borough Market. On another occasion they put in an Italian restaurant, but they felt uncomfortable because they were staring at each other as they sat at a table.

She knew of her womaniser reputation, but it did not bother her. 'The affair with Petronella had happened years ago. (Boris famously dated the daughter of Great Labor Lord Wyatt for the years while he was editor of The Spectator – and while married to long-suffering wife Marina Wheeler – and got her pregnant at least once). I was not sitting there, questioning him about his marriage. I did not care, 'she says.

The ambitious American, to form model and DJ, agrees that it was a boost to her fledging career in technology to one of Britain's most compelling politicians in her corner

The ambitious American, to form model and DJ, agrees that it was a boost to her fledging career in technology to one of Britain's most compelling politicians in her corner

Boris, however, was extremely interested in her love life. 'He'd say:' Are you driving crazy? Are the men filling the streets with weeping tears? I was a man who was sobbing earlier – please tell me you did not break his heart. "He'd ask me who I was dating and I'd say:" Everyone. "And he was like:" Oh! Did you give them your virtue? "

Some of their dates were classic Boris, and not in the ancient Greek sense. Once in a row at Tavistock Square in Central London, but he fell asleep at home and forgot.

'Then he called and said:' Jennifer, where are you? 'And I said I was going home and who the hell did he think he was. I wait for no man, Boris, not even you. "

He said: "Stay there, I'm coming." So I waited in the pub and finally arrived, all sweaty and out of breath with his bike helmet still on. He went to the bar but he did not have any money and said: "Jennifer, can I borrow £ 3.10?" I went: "Oh my God" and bought him a beer.

She also prides herself on the fact that they could be frank with each other. Asked me one day: "How do I look?" And I said: "Pale and fat – and no one likes to chubby leader!" . Muse, Anne Boleyn, viceroy keeper, Himalayan mountain, personal dietitian and, of course, tech support expert who could explain the intricacies of 'Google hangout' to the great Boris brain – this woman's role in her life is getting complicated.

And, to be honest, it seems like an awful lot of effort for a 55-year-old, twice-married man with haystack hair who is hardly the wrestler of the century.

Jennifer looks a bit hurt at this. 'I just thought he was the most charismatic and engaging human. I was very much in awe of his presence. It was a companionship that could have gone somewhere else, but it did not. 'Certainly, whatever the friendship was between these two high-octane blondes, it seemed to work for them both.

The ambitious American, a model and a DJ, agrees that it was a boost to her career in technology to have one of Britain's most compelling politicians in her corner.

Jennifer persuaded then-mayor Boris to deliver the keynote speech at a networking tech event in London that she helped organize in 2012, giving her instant credibility in her adopted country.

The 34-year-old went on to set up a series of companies that were awarded £ 126,000 in public money and went on for three overseas trades.

This has proved problematic. The PM is now facing conflict of interest allegations and is under investigation by the London Assembly on his links to Arcuri during his period of office.

He has refused to deny that he had an affair with the American Feisty but insists that 'everything was done with complete propriety' when quizzed on the matter. And unsurprisingly, she agrees.

'All the grants were received by me, as a businesswoman, I had every right to be on those trade delegations,' she tells me.

'My achievements are my achievements and it's not because of Boris Johnson that I've been able to do everything I did in England like give to TED [Technology, Entertainment, Design] talk and build successful businesses. '

Actually, it was because of two independently organized talks in Manchester and Liverpool about her cyber skills and cyber security – but well done, Jennifer.

Since the news broke last month, it has been broken down into the extent of its relationship with the leader currently battling for Brexit.

She has not been killed and is not doing anything. Good Morning Britain this week, Piers Morgan asked six times if she had been intimate with Boris and six times she refused to answer. Back home in California, she is playing the same game with me.

'I do not want to say there is no affair and I do not want to say there is an affair,' she says solemnly. 'I just want people to see you there is a unique connection between me and Boris. We definitely got on. '

Indeed, in the world of explosive chemistry surging between them.

People have noticed how they have been circulating for years, and they have been circulating for years.

'There were times, at crowded events, where he'd seek me out,' she admits. 'I know this sounds crazy but when I enter a room I have a certain kind of presence, one that makes him happy to see me. We did not attract attention, yes. '

Boris' PR chief Will Walden. 'I walked right over to Will and said:' Look – no story. It's complete smoke and mirrors. "And what did Mr Walden say? He said: "Let's just keep it that way, Jennifer."

You can see why Boris – or any red-blooded man – would find Jennifer attractive.

With her low, throaty voice and good sex.

She does not care about Boris impression ('Jennifer, do I look fat in this following? She's growing up, in a honking posh voice) is unapologetically loud and clear of life and soul of any party – so long it's a party that does not t go on for too long.

At one point she goes upstairs and reappears wearing the Back Boris T-shirt she wore during her mayoral campaign. 'Of course I kept it,' she says, and does a little dance.

We meet at her home in Huntington Beach, a city south-east of Los Angeles, which she shares with husband Matthew Hickey and their delightful two-year-old daughter Madeleine.

The couple puts in 2016, quickly married and are co-directors of their business which trains cyber security professionals.

'I've been honest with my husband about Boris. He did not want to know any details, but it's an outrage that my husband's reputation is being dragged through the mud because of all this. He's an absolute genius and works incredibly hard, 'she says loyally. She complains that the couple's business is a tiny start-up that is just trying to survive but is being dissected like a multi-million-pound corporation.

There is a little air of chaos around her home, with the kitchen sink and the clothes and the clothes strewn around the room. She says she's been under siege since the rumors about her relationship with Boris exploded and that she has let the housework go hang.

It has not been helped that the plot has been riddled up by his friends.

Not to mention the general hilarity about the fact that she had a dancing pole in Shoreditch, East London.

Much has been made of the fact that Boris visited us there, but we are fascinated by your pole. 'Huh? I only had it installed because it's good exercise. I would turn on YouTube and do workouts on it. Plus, I was renting the plane on Airbnb. You know, having that pole in the living room got me a lot of renters. '

Did she and Boris ever enjoy it together? 'I did not dance for Boris and Boris has never danced for me,' she shrieks.

'And he was not coming to my home – he was coming to my office. It's not unusual for people in start-ups to work from home.

What stories and raunchy pictures do not speak about her intelligence, obvious ambition and entrepreneurial skills. Jennifer is

no dumb blonde. She studied at two American universities and took film-making and economics classes at the American University in Paris.

She came to the UK seven years ago to launch her career in tech and it was this work that led to Boris. They put on a British Venture Capital event when they went up and introduced herself.

'He was like whoa!' She recalls modestly. 'I did not tremble. My voice was not shaky.

I was very passionate about my work and he could tell that right away. Later he told me: "When I saw you, I went ooh; she's different. "He was intrigued by me."

The second time they were on the Conservative battle when he was campaigning for London Mayor. She recalls how Boris climbed to the top deck of the bus, sat directly behind her and started talking.

He was carrying a collection of stories by Voltaire and they talked about literature, discovering a mutual passion for Shakespeare.

Jennifer has been studying his books since then, and has been working on the subject of verbal transitions from King Lear and Midsummer Night's Dream.

She does this now, at a roaring Vanessa Redgrave pitch. One wonders how Boris ever got a word in edgeways but somehow he did. She gave him a number, he did not know that it would be confirmed. Though it was so very interesting when she felt it when she was pregnant.

If Boris was such a dear platonic friend, was not it so cruel and indeed irrational to drop him so suddenly?

'It was. It's one of the things I've thought about in the past three years.

'A friend told me I did not know Boris anything and I remember thinking that, yes, I do. But I had a hard time and was ill for much of it. So I could Boris in a box, 'she shrugs.

Obviously he did not care that much. He and his wife are divorcing and he's got a new girlfriend. If finding somebody to move on his life, I hope he's found that with Carrie. But it's sad. I wish that I had talked to him a little more.

So what next for this par excellence, to paraphrase their beloved Shakespeare?

In London, Boris battles with his Brexit strategy.

In California, Jennifer is concentrating on rebuilding her life and repairing the reputational damage done to her business. She's been inundated with offers to go on television and is considering an appearance on Loose Women.

She's also hoping to write a book about female entrepreneurship and the things that can trip women up.

She is definitely the go-to girl for that.