Boston Celtics, deep crisis and Brad Stevens in question

When you have spent years doing things with rational planning, having patience and confidence in a process without wanting to speed it up beyond your means, you expect results to come, but frustration can blow everything up. It is what seems to happen in some Boston Celtics absolutely off track this season. Not even a bench genius like Brad Stevens is knowing how to redirect the dynamics of those in Massachusetts, diminished by injuries, with players performing well below their level and a really incomprehensible squad planning on the part of Danny Ainge and your team. They need signings now.

19/02/2021 04:02

We looked at which players the Celtics could recruit with the $ 28.5 million they have available to sign and which ones are best suited to their game.

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After seeing how New Orleans Pelicans traced them 25 points behind and left the Celtics record at 15-15, the squad was saddened in words collected by ESPN. “We have many things to improve, if we want to be an aspiring team we cannot waste advantages like this, tonight we let them come back”, declared Tatum and Stevens, the two great references of a team in which Kemba Walker still does not start and in which the good news from Payton Pritchard and Aaron Nesmith only highlights the clearly improvable movements in the transfer market. The absence of Marcus Smart is weighing heavily on a clearly unbalanced squad resulting from bad decisions:

  • Jeff Teague signing, hindering rookie Pritchard and showing very negative performance
  • Reinforcement of the inside game with a middle class player like Tristan Thompson who does not improve on Theis or Williams
  • Lack of a player to replace Gordon Haywarth’s departure
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Although it is true that they have salary margin to make a transfer, it seems clear that they need to think a lot about what they do and that the burden of Teague and Thompson will be difficult to get rid of. Inside play continues to be an obvious drain on some Boston Celtics they have not been able to get over the march of Al Horford years ago. Right now they are not seriously eligible for the ring and if there is not a swift and abrupt change of course, the project may disintegrate.


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