Boston Celtics journalists mess with the Los Angeles Lakers live

Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. None of those rivalries is as fierce and tough as the Boston Celtics’ with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Since the beginning of basketball, the Celtics and Lakers have positioned themselves as the best teams in the world, meeting multiple times in the NBA finals, with legends such as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Kevin McHale and Paul Pierce facing each other in the stars. .

That’s why every time these two franchises clash, there are always a few extra comments and a bit of “trash talking” between fans, players and, surprisingly, journalists.

In the last meeting between the two giants at the TD Garden, home of the Celtics. The official journalist of the franchise shot his longtime rivals. Before the game started, it showed a graph comparing both franchises, noting how many hall of fame players they have, how many wins, playoff appearances, and champion rings.

However, when he got to the championships portion, he put an asterisk next to the 17 Los Angeles trophies. Claiming 5 of these were when Angelenos were in Minneapolis and Disney World.

To put it in context, the Lakers were born in Minneapolis before moving to Los Angeles, still literally being the same franchise. Celtics fans say those rings shouldn’t count. Also, the “anti-Lakers” say that last season’s championship, won in the Orlando bubble, is the “Mickey Mouse” ring to detract from it.

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At the end of the day, the Lakers and Celtics will continue to be the teams with the most rings in NBA history until one of them is champion again.


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