Boston Celtics, the big loser of the NBA Draft 2020

The 2020 NBA Draft came to an end and each franchise selected, to a greater or lesser extent, the players they wanted. It is inevitable that in that paradigm there are no winners and losers, although what the Boston Celtics did is at least striking. In the previous one, the team that missed a great opportunity to become stronger in the NBA.

There is no doubt that Boston Celtics’ greatest weakness is in the center position, since there although Daniel Theis had a very good postseason, the truth is that in general it is not a covered position as expected. Further, having three first round picks they were expected to go after someone important in that position.

With the fourteenth pick in the draft, the Celtics leaned toward Aaron Nesmith, who is considered the best pitcher in the entire class. Of course, there is not Boston’s biggest mistake, but in everything that came after, with little understandable selections by Danny Ainge.

Boston Celtics, the loser of the NBA Draft 2020

With the position number 26, the Celtics leaned for Payton Pritchard, in 47 they took Yam Madar | and traded the 30th to the Memphis Grizzlies for a future first round. What is the problem? Both are point guards, a position Boston already had covered, precisely because of different elections Draft del 2020.

At this time, Brad Stevens will have Kemba Walker, Carsen Edwards, Pritchard, Madar and, as if that were not enough, it also has Tremont Waters with a two-way contract, who had been elected number 51 in 2019. Not a minor detail: Of the five guards mentioned, only Yam Madar is above six feet.

It is not understood what Danny Ainge did, although it is now hoped that he may get some bulwark from free agency. It is clear that Kemba will have players with little experience on his back, who will have to take the lead and become important elements. Boston Celtics fans are only aiming for another ring.


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