Boy, 14, arrested after the doctor robbed on his way to hospital

A 14-year-old boy was arrested after a doctor was forced to withdraw money and hand it over while traveling on business.

The hospital doctor was taken to an ATM and forced to withdraw money from a group of three in Harlow, Essex on Wednesday evening.

The victim was going to the hospital when two people on foot and one on a bicycle asked him to withdraw money.

He took a “double digit” amount before his credit card was returned.

The robbery, which started around 9:25 pm in Market Square, was one of three incidents in the city in less than an hour on Wednesday night, which were linked by police.

Police are investigating three similar incidents in Harlow

At around 9.50pm a second victim was approached outside a McDonald’s restaurant by one person on bicycle and two on foot.

He ran away from the group after receiving a cigarette and money.

A third victim was approached on Fifth Avenue shortly after 10.15pm but escaped unscathed after three people threatened to stab him.

A 14-year-old boy was arrested on Thursday morning, but Essex police are trying to track down two more.

The doctor was going to work when it happened (file image)

The force said in a statement: “A teenager was arrested on charges of robbery after several crimes in central Harlow last night, including the robbery of a doctor who went to the hospital.

“The first victim, the doctor, was approached at Lloyd’s ATM in Market Square around 9:25 pm.

“Three people, two on foot and one on a bicycle, asked that he take money for them.

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Coronavirus outbreak

“They escorted him to another ATM and withdrew a double-digit sum of cash before returning the bank card to the victim.”

There comes a time when a national salute will be held to honor the hardworking NHS staff who are trying to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Anyone with information is invited to call Harlow CID at 101 and quote the crime reference number 42/46217/20 or speak anonymously to Crimestoppers.


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