Boy, 4 years old, drowned in the hotel pool after swimming through the barrier in the adult zone

Isaac Webster, pictured right with mom Kelly, drowned in a hotel pool (Photo: Cavendish Press)

A four-year-old boy drowned in a hotel swimming pool after he managed to cross a barrier that separates the areas of children and adults.

Isaac Webster was on vacation with his parents Kelly and Andrew and brother Leo in the resort of Hurghada, in the Red Sea, Egypt, in April 2017.

The “adventurous” young man from Warrington went to play in the paddling pool, but sneaked into the adults’ area when Kelly left to find sunscreen.

He was found lying face down in the water a few minutes after he raised the alarm when he couldn’t see it.

Kelly told an investigation into the death of his son that he was “a very adventurous boy” (Photo: Cavendish Press)

Kelly told an investigation into the death of her son: “Isaac was a very adventurous child, always in the kindergarten accident book and what I would call a real child – no fear and no fear of anything. He was very happy and active and he never stood still. He was always around playing outside. ‘

Describing the moment when he vanished, he added: “I turned around to get some sunscreen and went back without being able to see it. I looked around and there were many children in the pool. So we went into the pool and we started walking.

‘I went out and tried to find someone and I noticed a lifeguard walking through the beds. He went into the pool with me but didn’t even ask what Isaac looked like and said he wasn’t there, he said he’ll show up. As soon as I got out of the pool I saw Isaac floating in the middle of the adult one. “

The coroner concluded that he probably crossed the barrier separating the adult and children’s pools (Photo: Cavendish Press)

Isaac was rushed to the Nile hospital and briefly showed signs of improvement before being put on a ventilator, still seriously ill.

But his condition worsened the following day, April 20, after developing a chest infection, and he died the next day.

Supervising the investigation in Warrington, senior coroner Alan Moore described the boy as a “fit, healthy and very active four year old boy”.

He added: “It is likely that he made his way between the two pools through the gap in the barrier.”

Isaac pictured with Father Andrew (Photo: Cavendish Press)

The cause of death was recorded as respiratory failure due to drowning.

Following the tragedy, a local junior football team set up a fundraiser that broke its £ 5,000 goal after devastated friends and family donated £ 11,000 to help pay for Isaac’s funeral.

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