Halifax, NC – Anyone can face the challenges of a mental illness, but in many communities in our state this is taboo. In the Afro-American community, the stigma surrounding this issue has repeatedly silenced those who might benefit from mental health treatment and created a vicious circle that often causes people to suffer on their own.

Dr. Kristen Alston, a clinical health psychologist and faculty member at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, wants to change the way she views mental illness in her hometown of Halifax. On Saturday, October 12, she will host a community health event titled "Broken Silence" at 10:30 am on the Halifax County Courthouse Walking Path. This is followed by a seminar at the Mystique Multi Venue Complex in Roanoke Rapids. The aim of the event is to initiate a community discussion on the mental health stigma and debunk the myths currently plaguing the African-American community. All visitors should expect an afternoon of information, personal stories, exhibitors and a panel discussion on "Breaking Our Silence, Healing Ourselves".

For more information, send an e-mail to NCMHmatters@gmail.com.

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