"Yes, bitch!" Is clearly the appropriate festive throw of choice for the recent news about a breaking Bad TV movie as the continued successes of popular neo-do-well-converted elite chef Jesse Pinkman are discontinued, with Aaron Paul playing the now iconic 35mm screen role in a TV movie!

News from November that one breaking Bad a follow-up project in some form was under development – possibly centered on Paul's three-time support of the Emmy-winning role as co-protagonist Jesse – which has been the rumored rumor since its original series for quite some time since its spin-off stimulated the currently running prequel, Better call Saul – rounded off its killer climax in September 2013. Now, a report by THR claims that it finally happens with Paul on board.

Interestingly, during the breaking Bad Follow-up film is set to send the airwaves to the show's original cable outlet, AMC. This happens only after the premiere on Netflix! While this is a pretty startling development, it's a good idea as the show continues to thrill the streaming giants in its afterlife as a major Emmy-dominated hit for AMC.

As the November report suggested, breaking Bad Franchise mastermind Vince Gilligan is on board to write and produce the film project, along with repertorialists Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein. It is reported that Gilligan also acts as a director, although this idea has not yet been confirmed.

As for the plot, a deadline report points to a project that was performed last fall at the New Mexico Film Office Greenbriar, a title that screams only a secret code name. In addition, a logline published in The Albuquerque Journal describes a project that "follows the flight of a kidnapped man and his pursuit of freedom." This, of course, is consistent with Jesse's last encounter with him breaking Bad Series finale "Felina". Fresh off from a meth-boo-slavery reconciled by his cancerous (later fatally injured) former partner Walter White (Bryan Cranston), we saw Jesse – beaten and traumatized by Immense's palette of personal tragedies – drive off into the night, laugh crazy and let the audience speculate about their fate (and attitude). Apparently, our days of speculation are numbered.

While no production or release dates have been announced for the company breaking Bad The TV movie successor, the NMFO listing – should turn out to be right – points to a production start in mid-November. Of course we will keep you informed about the developments!