Breast cancer: celebrities wore pink to raise awareness

Mariano Martínez, Juan “Pico” Monaco, Diego Torres and other men from the world of sports, entertainment and fashion dressed in pink to raise awareness Credit: María Pedrayes Press

The “Women’s Hands” campaign, which seeks to raise awareness about the importance of self-examination in the prevention of breast cancer, has in its 2020 edition as protagonists 10 men from the field of fashion, sports and entertainment.

Juan Martin Hernandez Crédito: Christian Beliera

The message of the campaign highlights the importance of taking care of yourself as the greatest act of love towards the other. From that concept, the ten protagonists say: “I wear pink because I love you, take care“The color pink is the international symbol used to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Julio Bocca

Julio Bocca Credit: María Pedrayes Press

Julio Bocca, Adolfo Cambiaso and his son Poroto, El Dipy, Tomás Fonzi, Juan Martín Hernández, Mariano Martínez, Juan “Pico” Monaco, Diego Torres, Claudio Cerini and Javier Saiach were chosen on this occasion to convey the message of the campaign organized by the Dr. Enrique Rossi Foundation. Both they and the photographers who portrayed them did so ad-honorem.

Thomas Fonzi

Thomas Fonzi Credit: Gabriel Machado

According to the foundation, early diagnosis and knowledge of the first signs and symptoms in the population is essential for the early detection of breast cancer in order to improve prognosis and survival. Therefore, breast self-examination empowers women, who thus take responsibility for their own health.

Javier Saiach

Javier Saiach Credit: Raúl Villalba

“The purpose of this campaign is to prevent and raise awareness, in order to help many women and make this a sensible action of collective education. At the Dr. Enrique Rossi Foundation we believe in the positive stimulation of collective consciousness, we believe in the solidarity as a way of exercising the common good and we believe that you can always give more and be better. That is why we tackle increasingly significant projects with which to permanently revalidate what we believe in “, explained Agustina Rossi, Director of the Foundation .

Adolfo Cambiaso and his son Poroto

Adolfo Cambiaso and his son Poroto Credit: Myla Cambiaso

One of the behaviors that help to reduce the incidence of breast cancer in the long term is the consumption of healthy foods, physical activity and control of alcohol consumption, being overweight and obese.

Breast self-examination is not considered a way to screening. It is a useful way for the patient to get to know her body, become familiar with her breasts and thus be able to detect early signs and symptoms, such as small nodules, asymmetries, retractions in the skin or changes in color. 95 percent of cases can be cured, when the disease is detected in the early stages.

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