Brexit and sales tax – Taxdoo in brief – DIGITAL! FUTTER

In this episode of the Digital! Futter podcast, the digital tax advisor Christian Deák from DHW and Dr. Roger Gothmann from Taxdoo about the VAT aspects of Brexit and clarify the specifics.

  • What is so special about an “electronic marketplace” and why is it so important here – with Brexit?
  • What is a sales channel, why is it so important for sales tax?
  • What about the customs?

** This episode contains a screencast and is best enjoyed on Youtube. (**

Content of this episode:

  • Brief introduction
  • What does Brexit mean?
  • Limit at 135 pounds
  • Customs and Taxes in England
  • Moving and unmoving delivery
  • Chain transactions and their process via Amazon & Ebay
  • Backgrounds for the changes
  • What is an electronic marketplace?
  • MOSS (MiniOneStoppShop) procedure what’s behind it?
  • OSS process what’s behind it?
  • Blog article on Taxdoo:
  • What happened from April 1st, 2021?
  • German view of invoicing
  • British point of view as the end user
  • OSS (OneStopShop) process replaces MOSS process, what is behind it?
  • Delivery thresholds will no longer apply on July 1st, 2021
  • Uniform limit of € 10,000
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the OSS procedure for dealers
  • Importance of proper procedural documentation
  • Summary and conclusion

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