Brexit CCOO applauds the agreement on cross-border and asks to continue negotiating the rest of the matters

The Union Workers Commissions has rated this Friday as satisfactory Y very positive the agreement reached this week for cross-border workers in Gibraltar by the Governments of Spain, the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. CCOO has added that it is necessary go deeper into the rest of the negotiation aspects that affect the economic interrelation and employment in the area.

CCOO considers that the compromise reached satisfies the demands of a labor collective composed “of about 15,000 workers” and is in line with the CCOO defended within the Southern Inter-Union Council (CSIR) supported by the European Trade Union Confederation (CES) such as the free movement, the respect to the agreements and guarantees of acquired labor rights.

The secretary of International Policy of the CCOO of Andalusia and president of the CSIR del Sur, Francisco Alfonsin, has affirmed that safeguarding the rights of workers “has been an essential objective of the CSIR del Sur and the CCOO, so it is important to express our satisfaction with the fact that government representatives have been sensitive to our demands.” on the contrary, Alfonsín, has denounced “the no collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía for the achievement of this agreement ”, he stated.

CCOO calls on governments to implement an information campaign “Effective and without delay that allows affected workers to know the content of the agreement and the actions they must take to take advantage of the new reality that it entails.” The union has shown its willingness to collaborate in this campaign.

The provincial secretary of CCOO Cádiz, Lola rodriguez, has argued that the union considers that the talks between governments must continue in the same line of agreement to offer answers to other issues and groups that are equally involved in the effects of Brexit in the Campo de Gibraltar. “The operation and fclarity of the border crossing, the guarantees for the activity of Spanish companies that have a significant portfolio of clients in Gibraltar, or the mechanisms for maintain consumption levels of goods and services of the Gibraltarian population in the region are essential elements that a broader agreement must guarantee ”.

CCOO-A trusts that “in this negotiating process the interests of the citizens will continue to be maintained above any other consideration” and hopes that “elements external to this will not cloud a definitive agreement, which is essential for the communities of both sides of the fence ”.


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