The survival of the Labor leaders is at stake when several young Shadow Ministers presented an ultimatum to him. Mr. Corbyn faces increasing tensions in his party. Brexit MPs call on him to return Theresa May's agreement to the people, and others would be adamant that they would never support a new referendum.

The opposition leader has not openly rejected the possibility of supporting another Brexit vote, but Len McCluskey, a close ally and UN Secretary-General, said stopping Brexit was "not the best option for our nation." ,

He added, "My point of view is The, After a referendum in 2016, when the people voted to leave the EU to try to deviate from it, the whole democratic fabric in which we operate threatens.

"I say that in reality It is not the best option for our nation. "

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9.30 am Update: Theresa May has asked dozens of diplomats to delay Brexit

More than 40 diplomats have asked Theresa May to extend Article 50, the Times wrote.

The diplomats argued that Brexit's delay was the best option the United Kingdom currently has, as there would be time to clarify the conditions for future relations between Britain and the EU, or to allow a second referendum.

This happened after Ms. May's best Brexit adviser Olly Robbins overheard at a hotel bar in Brussels that the EU was likely to expand Article 50.

9.10 clock update: Ford warns about the consequences of a no-deal Brexit and threatens to act if necessary

Ford warned that the EU would leave without a deal, which would have "catastrophic" consequences, given the speculation that the company might initiate preparations to relocate its production overseas.

With only 44 days left before the Brexit day, the odds of a no-deal scenario get higher and higher.

A Ford spokesperson said: "We have long been calling on the British Government and the UK Parliament to work together to prevent the country from leaving the EU on 29 March without agreement with tough Brexit.

"Such a situation would be catastrophic for the British auto industry and Ford's manufacturing operations in the UK.

"We will take all necessary measures to maintain the competitiveness of our European business."

8.40 am Update: The EU27 is watching closely what is happening in the UK, says Fox

International Trade Minister Liam Fox believes that the EU27 is following closely the British Parliament debate on Brexit to make decisions on possible concessions for granting the United Kingdom.

Particular attention is paid to how Parliament votes on amendments to the readmission agreement.

He told the BBC: "I think our European partners will look to it if they make these concessions, do you think Parliament will likely come to that agreement?

"We have to be very clear that this is not an academic debate and it will be listened to very seriously by those who are going to negotiate with Great Britain."

8.10 am Update: Labor urges Prime Minister to submit its deal to a commons vote by the end of the month

Following the announcement by Theresa May, she will update Parliament on 26 February if a deal is still not ready to vote. Labor has tabled an amendment requesting that the Prime Minister either submit his agreement to a lower house vote by 27 February or allow Parliament to scrutinize the process.

Jeremy Corbyn has appealed against a no-deal Brexit, asking Ms. May to remove the option, and has declared membership of a customs union the UK's best Brexit result.

However, it has failed to openly support or reject other options, such as support for the popular election campaign or a long extension of Article 50.

This lack of clarity on which positions of Brexit the leader of the Labor Party has resorted to was stopped by the PM during yesterday's PMQs.

He argues that he would prefer "ambiguity" instead of acting in the national interest. Ms. May said, "We do not know if their leader supports a second referendum, we do not know if their leader supports a deal, we do not even know if he supports Brexit!

"He prefers ambiguity and politics before acting in the national interest.

"People always said he was a believer in politics – not anymore."