Brexit dispute: Manfred Weber accuses Boris Johnson of “pure show”

In the face of an impending hard Brexit, the chairman of the Christian Democrats in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, accuses the British government of irresponsibility. “The black peter game from London is pure show and doesn’t get anyone any further,” Weber told the Funke media group. These “political games” are very frivolous towards British citizens.

The criticism is directed primarily against Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This stands in front of the fragments of his policy. “He will have to explain to the British in the coming months why the Brexit promises were dishonest,” Weber said. The EU will not conclude any contracts with partners who do not take existing contracts seriously. Nevertheless, one remains ready to negotiate, said Weber. And: “We want an agreement, we want a close partnership in the future too.”

The transition phase ends on December 31st

Johnson said on Friday after the EU summit that he would agree to a hard break without a treaty with the EU on January 1st. The EU obviously has no interest in a free trade agreement desired by Great Britain, as with Canada, said Johnson.

Without such an agreement, tariffs and fees would weigh heavily on trade between the UK and the EU. The transition phase will end on December 31 of this year, during which Great Britain still has free access to the EU internal market and exports from the EU can be delivered to the United Kingdom without restrictions. Experts believe that the UK economy would suffer most from a hard Brexit. But the export-strong German industry would also be affected.

The negotiations should actually continue on Monday, but the British negotiator David Frost is said to have unloaded his EU colleague Michel Barnier. However, observers assume that the negotiations will nevertheless continue.

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