Brexit is also about regulation

Great Britain has been repeatedly outvoted within the EU when it comes to regulation. Most of the time, rigid provisions in the French sense have prevailed. The chance of Brexit is now to score points with more liberal regulations in the future.

The higher French level of regulation was also carried over to the most important financial center in the EU, the City of London.

Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA

After a long tussle, Brexit is a fact. Although many commentators claim without a shadow of a doubt that the decision is self-damaging, stupid and populist, it is far too early to judge. Maybe they’re right, maybe the Brexiteers are right. You will not know this in 5 years, but in 25 or more years. Any success will depend on whether London succeeds in using the exit for a deregulation competition. The grandees of the EU seem particularly afraid that the island nation could become a European Singapore.

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