Brexit is no longer scary: airline finances, s

A year ago, who would have thought, Brexit was scary. Not so much anymore. The recently adopted agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom is “a correct solution, within the bad,” says José Antonio Roselló. At least there is an agreement. Now comes a second part, within a calmer situation, in which it will be necessary to fit well the air traffic issues not expressly contemplated “. He believes that it will be possible to agree on this because “Great Britain has left the EU without slamming the door”, which is a good sign, according to the vice president of CAEB. The problem of 50% of the capital of the airlines is still in force, but “there are share movements. Surely it will be solved in the end ». The Turespaña tourism office in the United Kingdom indicated, in a recent meeting, that the airlines work there “business as usual.” As usual. They don’t expect a seizure from that cause. Perhaps the big problem for them and the tour operators is how the pandemic damages their finances.


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