In the face of impending Brexit without an agreement with the EU, outgoing German EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger (CDU) has sharply criticized British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. "Johnson is basically not really negotiating so that you can reach an agreement in the next few days," said Oettinger on Thursday at the Congress Bodensee Business Forum of the "Schwäbische Zeitung" in Friedrichshafen. He accused Johnson of not working for a compromise with the other 27 EU states out of personal career motives.

Johnson just think about a possible new election in the UK. "He wants to become Prime Minister by choice, he does not care about anything else at the moment." Normally, politics always has the motto: first the country, then the party, then the person. "For him, it's the other way around," commented Oettinger.

Britain wants to part with the European Union in three weeks. Johnson has so far rejected the guarantee clause for an open border agreed by his predecessor Theresa May in the previous agreement. This so-called backstop provides that Britain will remain in a customs union with the EU until a better solution is found. Northern Ireland should also remain in the internal market.

However, following a meeting between Johnson and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar near Liverpool, Thursday, a joint statement said: "They agreed that they could see a path to a potential deal." Oettinger said if that I agree, that is "maybe a breakthrough".

"The Prime Minister (Johnson) and Varadkar have had a detailed and constructive discussion," the joint statement said. "Both continue to believe that a deal is in everyone's interest. They agreed that they could find a way to a possible business. "

The British pound reacted positively to this statement and has risen in a first reaction by 0.25 percent to the current 1.1144 euros per GBP.

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