The Prime Minister is being urged on by her conservative Party members, who are due to inform her today that she can go through a new vote of confidence on June 12 if she is not prepared to leave before the summer. Ms. May pledged to step down after Brexit in December – but with the end of the parliamentary blockade not yet in sight, the powerful Backbencher Committee fears that the PM will leave until October 31, the day the UK officially leaves The European Union could stay in its seat.

And with the rapid expansion of Nigel Farage's Brexit party in opinion polls before the European elections, many Tories fear that the Conservative Party could be humiliated on May 23, unless it points to the end of Ms. May's leadership.

The committee's treasurer, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, told the Press Association, "It would be infinitely preferable if she fixes an appointment instead of forcing her.

"It's better that she does it than we have a vote of confidence.

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brexit latest news theresa may cancel the update date of the brexit dealings

Theresa May could be "expelled" by the committee in June 1922 (Photo: GETTY)

"What I want to see is that she set a timetable to trigger a leadership contest."

The committee met last month to discuss whether to change the current governance rules to prevent the party from challenging the leader more than once every 12 months.

At present, Ms. May can not be challenged again as chairman until December.

Andrew Bridgen, Tory MP, told the Press Association, "I would like the 22 to give her a timetable for the resignation.

"And if she does not accept this timetable, tell her that we will have another vote of confidence after the European elections."

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brexit latest news theresa may cancel the update date of the brexit dealings

United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum timeline (Image: EXPRESS)

9.20 am Update: Theresa May must do her duty and resign & # 39;

Nick Timothy, Theresa May's former political advisor, attacked the Prime Minister when he asked her to step down for the sake of the country.

He wrote in the Daily Telegraph: "If the Prime Minister had delivered a meaningful Brexit, she could have held her party together largely and retained the support of the DUP.

"She could have threatened Parliament while threatening her own MPs: choose that true Brexit, she could have said, or face the voters who betrayed you.

Instead, she negotiated a Brexit deal that she knew her party was against and that had no Commons majority.

"She ran down the clock, refusing to seek alternative arrangements to the deal's most controversial clauses.

As a result, it released the Brexit Party, which left the Conservatives to the opposition without dramatic changes.

"It's not clear yet who their followers should be or what they would do, but that's not the point.

"The prime minister's Brexit plan has failed, and she has no alternative.

"Every day wasted from here makes life more difficult for anyone leading Britain into the future, we need to end this national humiliation, bring about Brexit and save the Tories.

"The Prime Minister unfortunately has to do her duty and set aside."

brexit latest news theresa may cancel the update date of the brexit dealings

Theresa May was asked to "do her duty" and stop now (Photo: GETTY)

09.00 clock update: Brexit uncertainty meets the holiday giant Thomas Cook

Holiday giant Thomas Cook has slumped to a half-year loss of GBP 1.5 billion, reflecting the continuing uncertainty associated with Brexit.

The British, the holiday giant said, have postponed their summer vacation plans for fear of being in a mess at the border as the negotiations between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn collapse.

Group pre-tax losses increased from £ 303m last year and the Company warned of "challenging" high season trades to put pressure on annual results.

Underlying profits are now expected to decline in the second half of the year as holiday companies lower prices to boost demand for Brexit and fuel and hotel costs rise.

Peter Fankhauser, CEO of Thomas Cook, said: "Last summer's heat wave and high prices in the Canary Islands have reduced customer demand for winter sun, especially in the Nordic region, while there is little doubt that the Brexit The process many Britons have led clients to postpone their vacation plans for this summer.

"Looking at the rest of the year, it becomes clear that, despite our early decision to reduce our late-market exposure through capacity reductions, continued competitive pressure due to consumer uncertainty continues to put margins under pressure.

"Combined with higher fuel and hotel costs, this adds additional headwind to our progress later in the year."

brexit latest news theresa may cancel the update date of the brexit dealings

Thomas Cook has slumped to a half-year loss of £ 1.5 billion (Photo: GETTY)

8.30 am Update: No deal is better than no Brexit, says Liz Truss

Finance Minister Liz Truss said she would prefer an uncompromising exit from the EU to the withdrawal of Brexit.

Ms. Truss told BBC2's Newsnight, "If we make a clear decision on whether to revoke Brexit or do business, we do not have to do business.

"It is a matter of trust and people expect that we have already left the EU.

"And if we do not make it to 31 October, I fear that it will have real consequences not only for our policies but also for our economy."

Update 08:09: Theresa May is about to hold the Brexit vote, as Donald Trump visited Britain

The government is considering putting the Brexit bill to a vote in the first week of June, although Donald Trump is visiting the UK the same week, between 3 and 5 June.

This has sparked fierce criticism in the Conservative Party.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, former Defense Department official and Brexiter Tory MP, said, "I wanted Ms. May to vote on the draft resolution, but it seems odd to resume him in the midst of an important but potentially difficult visit from the US President and to divert attention from the extraordinary dedication and sacrifice of so many veterans to the 75th anniversary. "