A senior EU source said to the complexities of Mr Johnson's deal, the so-called 'paperwork' that will be able to get along well. The same EU source told BuzzFeed News that it is "unlikely" an Article 50 extension would be needed, hinting the EU may well accept the UK, the fact they could do so get the deal pushed through both the British and European Parliaments. The source said simply: "There will be no Brexit on 31/10."

The news comes after Mr Johnson was accused of backtracking on his deal on Friday.

When asked whether Northern Ireland would be leaving the EU customs union, the Prime Minister said he did not want to give a running commentary on Brexit talks.

He told reporters: "I think it would be wrong to give me a running commentary on the negotiations.

"Look at everything I've said previously and you can draw your own conclusions from that."

Mr Johnson added: "I can tell you that you will not be able to do anything about it.

Purpose to form Ulster Unionist MEP Jim Nicholson expressed his growing concern about the latest Brexit negotiations around Northern Ireland.

He said: "Northern Ireland is being offered by Boris Johnson as sacrificial lamb to save Brexit for the UK, the ERG and especially English nationalists.

"If this is the path they are going to follow, it will be 1985 reincarnated and will prove to be the beginning of a process of Northern Ireland being separated from the rest of the UK."

The Times reported the DUP is "not necessarily opposed" to a post-Brexit customs partnership with the EU.

Brexit negotiations will enter the "tunnel" phase of intensive and secretive talks, which could have a major boost for Mr Johnson's prospects of broking a fresh deal.

Michel Barnier, and Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay in Brussels on Friday.

After talks came close to hitting the buffers, the Prime Minister managed to win some confidence that he can secure an agreement after meeting Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar yesterday.

Mr. Barclay and Mr. Barnier were dealt with in the Wirral on Thursday, prompting the leaders to "see a pathway" to a possible agreement.

Both called Friday's "constructive" talks and Mr Barnier went on to meet the EU27 ambassadors who, the European Commission said, agreed to "intensify discussions over the coming days".

This is the future of the tunnel, which is an important part of the negotiations for a group of negotiators designed to minimize leaks.