Speaking to TalkRADIO, the Brexit supporter claimed that any plans to end a Brexit-Free Agreement by the remaining MPs with the help of House Speaker John Bercow have already been revealed in order to achieve its goal by October 31st. Brexit MPs have nothing to fear and have rejected the anti-Brexit case brought to the Scottish courts last week. He said: "We would have already known if they had anything in terms of planning – the remaining MPs and Bercow.

"We would have known, they would have announced the plan in one way or another.

"But as they go without any planning, it means that they have nothing in their sleeves."

Commenting on the lawsuit against Brexit in Scotland, he added: "They do not have the time that suits them, so we would have left the allotted time."

Responding to Mr. Tousi's comments, TalkRADIO host Mike Graham said the remaining members of the House of Commons know their "game is over."

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He said: "Basically, they were sewn like herrings, which is a lot of fun to watch.

"And what's so much fun to watch for me is the kind of Hysterical Remains, they do not know what to do.

"They fly almost as if they knew that the game was over and they would have to try to make as much noise as possible to appear relevant.

"But they do not seem very relevant anymore."

In his letter, the opposition leader said: "This government has no mandate not to negotiate, and the 2016 EU referendum has no mandate.

"So I intend to cast a vote of no confidence at the first opportunity, when we can trust our success.

"After a vote of no trust in the government, I would like, as Leader of the Opposition, to gain the confidence of Parliament for a temporary government strictly limited in time for the purpose of calling elections and obtain the necessary extension. of Article 50 to do it. "

He concluded his plea by wishing to discuss further his proposals in order to guarantee the end of the "uncertainties and dismay".