The chairman of the Brexit party said that leaving the EU will allow the United Kingdom to regain its competitiveness and independence, which the EU "deeply fears". His words come after EU leaders are unwilling to accept the Prime Minister's new Brexit proposals. Mr Farage is now of the opinion that Mr Johnson's only way is not to support an agreement, as he believes that the EU's top priority is to keep the UK in the Customs Union.

He told The Telegraph: "The EU is a political project.

"It's an empire that tries to expand and use force. Most of us do not want a part of it.

"For Leavers, by far the most popular option is a clean Brexit break without political ties to the European courts or EU institutions.

"Leaving the country is about rebuilding Britain's independence and democracy, and in economic terms, it's about becoming competitive, something that Barnier and his team deeply fear."

Mr. Johnson said he remains "cautiously optimistic" about a deal.

This is despite the fact that EU leaders are tearing apart Mr Johnson's new Brexit proposals.

They accused him of submitting untested ideas to solve the Irish frontier crisis.

Chief negotiator Michel Barnier said the EU needs workable solutions "not tomorrow today".

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He said: "I hope there will soon be overdue parliamentary elections where the decisions should be clear. Recent briefings on Downing Street suggest that the Tories, in talks with the collapse of the EU, will contest the next poll with a clean break.

"I assume you have no choice. Their repeated promise to leave the EU by 31 October is unlikely to be met.

"The goal of the Tories, I can call it their obsession, is to pull the bottom of the Brexit party."

"Rightly, they are worried that voters will leave them after the Conservatives once again failed to enforce Brexit.

"But even if they were to fight for this lot at the next election, why on earth would anyone trust them?

"In so many recent Tory manifestos, pledges have been made without any intention to fulfill them. The public is beginning to understand that. "

Farage added that the Conservative Party is taking a tougher stance on Brexit as it is being threatened by the Brexit party.

He said, "If Johnson goes for a clean Brexit manifesto, he'll lose some votes to the Lib Dems.

"But he will benefit much more from us, provided we work together.

"Winning a big Brexit majority in parliament is the price that's waiting for us.

"If we work together to fight the real enemy, Jeremy Corbyn and his bunch of destroyers, we will deliver a positive campaign with a decisive outcome."