Nigel Farage, Richard Tice and Claire Fox were among the representatives of the Brexit party who spoke at a rally in Southport on Friday evening. During the conference tour of the Brexit party, Mr. Tice addressed the possibility of a "lawsuit" against spokesman John Bercow. The chairman of the Brexit party read out questions from the crowd and said, "Nigel from Ormskirk, that's great.

"Should we take legal action against the speaker?"

The crowd applauded and cheered before Mr. Tice continued, "Well, the truth is, ladies and gentlemen, I do not think we could find him.

"Because he actually bottled it, he's doing a runner. Honestly, good liberation.

"The moment he heard that everyone would stand against him, he bottled it."

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The comments follow that Mr. Bercow recently launched a stunning attack on Boris Johnson and compared him to a "bank robber" for his intention not to deal with the Brexit.

Speaking at the sixth annual Bingham Center Lecture in London, the spokesperson said: "You should no longer refuse to apply for an extension of Article 50, as this could be the noble end of an early exit from the EU.

"Then you could possibly apologize for robbing a bank because the stolen money would be donated to charity immediately thereafter."

Mr Bercow claimed that the scenes in parliament in recent weeks are just a "mere prelude to more drama."

He said, "I do not think parliamentarians want to give up the SO24 (emergency debate) facility when Brexit is finalized."

The outgoing spokesman called on his successor – known as his deputy, Sir Lindsay Hoyle – to continue to provide MEPs with large volumes of urgent questions, as this would be "strange and unfortunate" if they did not.

Mr. Bercow spoke only a few days after he had dramatically announced to a crowded lower house that he would resign after ten years as a speaker.

He will leave the office by close of business on 31 October – the day Britain leaves the European Union – after MEPs refused to support Mr Johnson's request for early parliamentary elections.

Mr. Bercow also said that he would not contest his seat in his home district Buckinghamshire in an upcoming poll of the British people.