Brexit provoked the wrath of British musicians and a battle with the rulers of the United Kingdom – GENTE Online

The coronavirus crisis hits the island hard. Its effects on singers are being devastating. Loss of membership of Britain in the European Union it made things even more complicated for the industry.

The government headed by Boris Johnson He even rejected the 90-day waiver of costs and red tape that the artists requested. The measure made those affected explode with anger, who have long claimed to be able to work.

Thom Yorke, singer of Radiohead, branded the rulers of “Imbeciles without character”; Geoff Barrow, from Portishead, viralized the hashtag “BorisKilledMusic” and Lily Allen rated the situation as “amazing“from his Twitter account.

The folk performer Laura Marling and Tim Burgess, singer of Charlatans, put their signatures in a request to Parliament to allow them to tour the countries of the European Union without visa. The request was endorsed by 230 thousand people.

It happens that the separation of the Community has made them lose benefits. Before, to be able to move around UK They only needed a work permit and no special authorization was required to be able to import and export the equipment necessary for their actions. All that changed after Brexit.



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