Brexit restrictions raise red flags

If there is something the music industry was missing after the consequences left by the coronavirus pandemic, and that still has the whole world in suspense, is that musicians cannot leave their country to tour. Is that, due to Brexit, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, there is a lack of agreement between the block and the government of the islands to continue with the course of certain activities. Among them, that of live music.

Apparently, what could have been an agreement between the two parties, to ensure that the interpreters can move from one place to another without any problem, is not as easy as it seemed. According to the British newspaper The Independent, he UK just rejected an offer from Brussels, by which English musicians could perform their concerts within the EU without the need for a visa.

In truth, the system is not different from the one that contemplates the activity of workers in other sectors, but for now the music sector was excluded, and it is expected that the decision will have a negative economic impact, when planning future tours of the continent.

Dua Lipa asked that the latest decisions affecting the productive sector to which it belongs be reviewed. / Photo Instagram Dua Lipa

Until last year, groups of British artists who circulated through the European community without a visa, did not need special permits to transport the necessary equipment for each of their presentations. On the other hand, European artists who wanted to practice within Great Britain needed a visa of work.

Since 1 January all this has changed, significantly damaging the English part of the exchange, due to the rising costs in all areas that comprise the industry, from their records to their merchandise.

On the other hand, a spokesman belonging to the British government, assured that the prime minister Boris Johnson had proposed an agreement to the European Union on “an ambitious deal on temporary business trips that would have covered musicians” and that she “refused.”

Due to the concern and the situation that England is going through due to the devaluation of the pound, with respect to the dollar and the euro, the artists expressed themselves through of a petition that already has more than 247 thousand signatures, in which they request that their contracts be paid in Euros. In addition, they fervently request free movement through Europe, emphasizing the great contribution that the activity represents in the fiscal aspect.

Many of the artists also expressed themselves from their social networks: “Incredible. Although in reality, it is completely believable! “British singer Lily Allen posted on her Twitter account. Also Dua Lipa and Thom Yorke from Radiohead They reacted against the news and asked that negotiations be resumed to reverse the situation.

The cancellation of concerts, tours and festivals as a result of the pandemic, adds to this conflict of interest that further harms the industry, and that not only affects the visible faces of each show, but also to all the professionals and technicians who work with them.

In contrast to the situation in which the Johnson administration appears to have bogged down artists in their country, many others promote tax incentives and flexibility in tax payments, among other measures, to protect companies and workers in the sector

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