The Hungarian airline WizzAir is preparing to face the turbulence of Brexit. The UK market is crucial for the company: almost a third of its flights land in the UK.

WizzAir anticipates all possible scenarios: a Brexit with or without agreement. It has embarked on a major and costly reorganization to secure the future of British routes.

" The most important thing we have done is to establish a new company in the UK, totally legally separated, still under the Wizzair brand but under a new legal entity headed by the British Civil Aviation Authority. Thus, you have the right to land and take off from the territory as a British company. Nevertheless, whatever the separation between Great Britain and the European Union, we will be able to ensure flights in all current markets", says Stephen Jones, the CEO of WizzAir Hungary.

A no-deal would end the harmonization of standards acquired in recent decades in many areas such as consumer protection, industry, food or mobile communications. A real handicap for exports of goods between Great Britain and the European Union. To cope, many Hungarian companies take the lead and turn to international law firms seeking assistance

" Even after a Brexit without an agreement, there will be a regulatory framework that will govern relations between the United Kingdom and Great Britain, but this will be a step backwards for several decades compared to the current harmonized legal framework.", says Adame Kaplonyi, a lawyer at KPMG.

A situation that could be avoided if the British Parliament adopts European legislation in its law. A process started in 2018 but still not finished. At present, the Dover Strait separating the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe seems bigger than ever.