Theresa May faces new questions before the Seaborne Ferryco fiasco, after it was alleged that Deloitte consultants have taken on due diligence for the company – although the auditor had already announced that he was unable to complete the required tests.

Increasing pressure on transportation secretary Chris Grayling to cancel the £ 13.8 million Seaborne Freight contract to provide ferry services in unfair Brexit is mounting.

Ms. May made her comments in the House of Commons when she came under heavy fire from Jeremy Corbyn on the Prime Minister's questions when he asked, "What went wrong?"

The Prime Minister claimed during the exchange with the Labor leader that all due process had been carried out. However, a report from the NAO clearly states that Deloitte was unable to carry out "standard tests" as Seaborne had no relevant documentation.

At the weekend, the contract of the company was terminated by Mr. Grayling after the secretary of the transport secretary was mocked when Seaborne had no ferries and apparently had copied the terms and businesses on their website from a snack bar.

At the Commons, Ms. May said, "All of these contracts have been carefully reviewed, and as Mr. Grayling made clear earlier this week, we will continue to ensure that we deliver that capacity, which is important in a no-deal scenario."

The Prime Minister added: "When these contracts were fully let, a proper due diligence was carried out – this included assessing the companies that had applied for the contracts.

She said the transport department's 800,000,000 assessments were conducted by DfT officials and third-party organizations, including Deloitte, Slaughter & May and Mott MacDonald.

However, according to the independent National Audit Office (NAO), Deloitte was unable to complete Seaborne's "standard audits" as there was no financial information available.

"Deloitte hat daher keine formale Bewertung der Finanzstabilität von Seaborne vorgenommen", fügte der Prüfer hinzu.

Die Firma Slaughter & May's beinhaltete eine "grundlegende Überprüfung des Hintergrunds", während Mott MacDonalds Bewertung "erhebliche Ausführungsrisiken" im Zusammenhang mit dem Fährvertrag mit Seaborne anzeigte.

In seinen Ausführungen zu den Fragen des Premierministers sagte Herr Corbyn, der "spektakuläre Misserfolg" des Vertrages sei "ein Symbol für die völligen Verwirrungen dieser Regierung und ihre Vorbereitung."

Er sagte, das Fiasko um den Seaborne Freight-Vertrag fasse die "kostspielige, shambolische und absichtlich ausweichende" Brexit-Strategie der Regierung zusammen.

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