The Brexit drama goes into the next round: New elections are scheduled for December 12 in the UK. Now the carmakers are sounding the alarm.

  • The United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum-Drama goes to the next round: 12th December chooses Great Britain a new parliament.
  • According to recent surveys may Premier Boris Johnson count on a majority.
  • He wants to get out of the country as soon as possible European Union to lead.
  • The detailed events of the last weeks you can read here.

London – In just over a week Britain will vote for a new parliament. After that, it might be clearer how the year-long dispute over a possible Brexit continues. In advance, the carmaker to speak: they fear for their competitiveness.

Election in the UK: Automobile Association SMMT fears harsh losses by Brexit

An analysis of the Automobile Association SMMT has therefore revealed that customs costs through an insufficient Brexit agreement, the industry in addition almost 3.8 billion euros per year could cost. SMMT chief Mike Hawes draws a black image: "Instead of building two million cars a year as planned by 2020, in the worst case, it would only be one million."

Hawes therefore demands an "ambitious, world-leading Brexit trade deal" to maintain the sector's competitiveness.

The uncertainty surrounding the exit changing theater has already left its mark. In the first nine months of the current year, 15.6 percent fewer cars were produced than in the same period of the previous year, as the British BBC reports.

UK: Tactical Vote Against Brexit: Actor Hugh Grant goes on election campaign tour

In the election campaign also mixes Britain's celebrities. Already for a long time Hugh Grant regularly in the Brexit debate. The actor resolutely rejects the EU exit. In order to prevent this, he now even accompanies politicians on their campaign campaigns through tightly-contested constituencies, such as ntv reported.

The background: In Great Britain there is a majority voting system. This means that only one candidate who gets the majority in one district can actually get his seat in parliament. This leads to the result of the election, despite Johnson's clear survey lead ToryParty is difficult to predict.

That's exactly where Grant comes in: he's on the move in constituencies that are traditionally fiercely fought over and is trying to get voters into one tactical delivery of her electoral vote to move. He was not about advertising for a particular party, the 59-year-old confirmed via Twitter on requests from users. Rather, the measure is an attempt to prevent a majority of Johnson and thwart the Brexit but still in the last second.

Brexit: What has happened so far – that's how it came to the new elections in the UK

In summer 2016, a small majority of Britons voted to leave the EU. The result was considered very surprising at the time. In the next two years, the main concern was to write down the separation between Great Britain and the EU in a treaty. The situation was quite chaotic at times. Several exit dates were announced and passed each time, without the parties could agree.

Most recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after several failed attempts with his demand for a new election prevailed. This should finally lead to breakthrough in the stalled Brexit dispute. Current surveys suggest that Johnson can count on a majority.

Video: Survey results before UK parliamentary election