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The EU and the UK reached an agreement shortly before the deadline: the one negotiated Partnership agreement came into force at the turn of the year and will initially apply until the EU Parliament finally votes on the exit agreement. An exact date for the final ratification by the EU Parliament has not yet been set; the examination of the contract by the MPs takes time.

But what exactly has to be considered since January 1st, 2021 in the course of Brexit? We want to answer some important questions for you.

What will change for German citizens who want to travel to the UK?

For German citizens who want to travel to the United Kingdom, nothing will change insofar as a visa is still not required for a visit of a maximum of 180 days (6 months). Whether a visa is required for e.g. a long trip, study or work in the UK can be found in the Brexit Checker on the official website the British Government to be found out. From October 1, 2021, an identity card will no longer be sufficient to enter the country, but a passport will be required.

What will change for German citizens permanently residing in the UK?

German citizens who permanently reside in the UK must apply for one by June 30, 2021 at the latest Pre-Settled Status or Settled Status as part of the EU Settlement Scheme so that they can continue to live there from July 1, 2021.

What will change for British people who live in Germany or want to travel to Germany?

The same applies to British people who lived and / or worked in Germany (or another EU member state) before December 31, 2020. You have to register with the responsible immigration authorities by June 30, 2021 in order to receive a new residence document.

Travelers from the United Kingdom who want to travel to Germany from January 1, 2021 will be treated like travelers from a third country. On the Federal Foreign Office website you can find the requirements (in English) for entry. On the Website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior answers to many questions about immigration and residence permits for the British.

What will change for students?

For students who have already been in the UK before December 31, 2020, the same applies as for German citizens living there: by June 30, 2021 a Settled Status be applied for in order to be allowed to remain there. Answers to other questions, such as BAföG or recognition of academic achievements, are answered by this Federal Ministry of Education and Research on their website.

What happens next with the Erasmus + program?

The United Kingdom has unfortunately decided to no longer participate in the new generation of Erasmus + programs (2021-2027). Until the end of the project period on March 31, 2023, the measures of the expiring program can still be funded. This applies to all projects approved up to 2020, including the duration. The British side is planning its own funding program for students, you can find more information on the Website of the German Academic Exchange Service.

What will change for consumers?

The European consumer center Germany informs about the most important changes for consumers: inside. The closed trade pact between the EU and the United Kingdom, for example, stipulates that there should be no tariffs on goods imports, fair competition, unrestricted freight forwarding and social security systems for people who come to the United Kingdom after December 31, 2020 .

Where can I find information for companies?

On the Website of the Federal Ministry of Economics is found FAQ for companies trading with the United Kingdom. In addition, the ministry has set up an information telephone (030-340 0605 61) and an e-mail service ( to answer questions.

You can direct further questions in all 24 official languages ​​to the Europe Direct contact center of the European Commission free of charge, either by telephone (00 800 678 910 11) or via this Web form.

Text: Lea Mindermann

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