Brian Johnson, the leader who turned his voice into the roar of irons

October 16, 2020 – 19:11
Find out about the incredible collection of cars that the AC / DC singer owns.

Back in Black is one of the most successful albums in rock history. It was released by AC / DC exactly 40 years ago, and its hits made it the second best-selling album in history, with almost 30 million certified copies (the first by far is Michael Jackson’s Thriller).
This album, whose title Back in Black (in Castilian, “Volver en Negro”) was paid tribute to the former singer of the band, Bon Scott, who had died in February 1980 from alcohol intoxication.
At the peak of their career, after the successful Highway to Hell (1979), the Australian band had to audition to find out who could put on Scott’s boots, and Brian Johnson “arrived”.
His debut in the band couldn’t have been better. Not only did he give the voice to the new album but it would become one of the pillars of the band, and his harsh-toned voice in one of the most recognized records in rock.
But in addition to his passion for music, Brian Johnson is a huge car fanatic.
The incredible collection of cars of Brian Johnson, singer of AC / DC, leaves the privileged people speechless who visit his mansion in Florida (United States). Once inside the property, it gives the feeling of being in an automobile museum made up of some truly unique pieces that are part of speed.
From competition models from the 1920s, to the rarest limited series, passing through some bourgeois quirks, come together in this lavish garage. You know, more than 15 creatures from Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Bentley or Jaguar whose pedigree is on a par with the vehicles of Nick Mason, Pink Floyd drummer, George Harrison, Chuck Berry, or Elvis Presley himself. With an estimated fortune of around 220 million euros, the British vocalist has no problems to continue accumulating money at home.
The one who was a member of the legendary band for almost four decades (1980-2016), is very popular in the most exclusive circles of gasoline lovers. That is why it usually goes through the coolest vehicle concentrations in the world, such as Monterrey (California).
His other great passion, besides the microphone, was always the engine. In fact, when he started his artistic adventure, his colleagues were worried about whether he suffered a car accident. But good old Brian promised that during world tours he would not touch the wheel or get on any circuit. And it seems that (more or less) he kept his word.
Wherever you see him, this 69 chestnut colleague is a true petrolhead who does not renounce to continue enjoying his toys almost daily. And since we cannot drive them, at least we open the doors of their paradise for you to breathe a very special atmosphere in which oxygen has been replaced by octane.
By the way, did you know that last year he had to withdraw from music due to serious hearing problems? This ailment came from his excessive exposure to the sound of powerful engines for several decades.

Crown jewel

We started this review of Brian Johnson’s cars with his favorite. We are talking about an impressive 1928 Bentley Vanden Plas Le Mans Tourer – Thunder guts. When he talks about this marvel his eyes light up. The rocker says he oozes English flair – his color is called British racing green – on all four sides.
But it emphasizes the real challenge that this beast poses and that, in addition to a lot of money, you have to have a couple of cushions to drive it. Not in vain many pilots have died in the attempt. In his opinion, this enfant terrible could be Ferrari’s little cousin.

Lola T70 Mark 1

As you can already guess, this Lola T70 Mark 1 from 1968 is another of Brian Johnson’s cars that we love the most. Of this monument only 15 units were produced, this being the last of them. Powered by a 640 horsepower V8 from Ford, it is capable of dismounting even the most expert riders. Regarding his feelings, he assured that “if there is something that can distress you in life, it is this beast.” On the sound of his mechanics, one of the ones that captivates him the most, he has come to say: ‘I sing rock & roll in a rock band. But there is no music like that of this vehicle. ‘

Ferrari 458 Italia, one of his little right eyes

Although the 458 Italia may not be one of Brian Johnson’s most expensive cars in his fleet, it is among his favorites. This is how its owner has assured: ‘I just love this car. It’s probably one of the most beautiful Ferraris I’ve ever seen since the Dino or the 250 testa Rossa. Also, I love everything: its speed, style and comfort. It drives like silk and I feel great in it. ‘ Petrolhead word. Not to mention more.

Jaguar F-Type Project 7, “prototype” of exclusivity

As a good Englishman, although his music group is of Australian origin, he could not miss some local delicatessen. And that honor goes to this amazing Jaguar F-Type Project 7, a limited series of 250 units with which the British brand commemorated the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Jaguar D-Type. His V8 of 560 jacos will launch you at 300 km / h in a flash while the song “Highway to the sky” sounds. Price? It is not known.

A very bourgeois cabrio

Accustomed to the rebellion of his lyrics, we were surprised to find a piece of Rolls Phantom Cabriolet among Brian Johnson’s cars. But who can resist its charms? It is the ideal frame to enjoy a sunny day. Another good choice and very British.
Well, if what you have seen so far of Brian Johnson’s cars has blown you away, you don’t know what awaits you in our gallery because the rock legend shows us his treasures in person. Oh, and if you’re a mythomaniac, don’t miss out on it. that you have under these words.


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