Bridget Moynahan is related to this Hollywood celebrity

It turns out that the actress born in Massachusetts (via has some distant relationships with comedian, actress, producer and author Rosie O’Donnell. Bridget Moynahan’s parents are both Irish (via Ethnic celebrities), as are O’Donnells.

Apparently, the news was a surprise for O’Donnell and Moynahan explained their family ties The sight in the mid-2000s. O’Donnell’s grandfather was Moynahan’s grandmother’s brother (via Boston Herald). The third cousins ​​don’t seem to be terribly close, but O’Donnell said in an interview with Sam Harris that Moynahan was a “good girl” and that what happened to her and Brady must have been incredibly tough in the spotlight (via Youtube). “I’ve always had this plump Irish genetic makeup for washerwomen and then I look at this cousin from Moynahan,” O’Donnell told Harris.

O’Donnell went on to say about Moynahan, “We have to go out. We have to compare family history notes.” For her part, Harris told O’Donnell that she and her third cousin share the same qualities. “You are both bull heads,” he said.

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