Brinkhaus: We will not let ourselves be put under pressure with Brexit

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) has stood up against British pressure after the latest statements by Prime Minister Boris Johnson about a hard Brexit. “We will continue to work undeterred to avert a hard Brexit and the associated additional burdens for the European and German economy,” he wrote in a letter to the members of the CDU and CSU at the German Press Agency in Berlin. “But it is also clear that we will not allow ourselves to be put under pressure when regulating market access and tariffs.”

The time window for the Brexit negotiations is getting narrower, warned Brinkhaus. But it is “in the interests of both sides to come to a sensible solution”.

Johnson had prepared Britain on Friday for a tough break without a contract with the European Union on January 1st. A good ten weeks before the end of the Brexit transition phase, the EU clearly has no interest in a free trade agreement desired by Great Britain, such as with Canada, said Johnson in London. Accordingly, one now expects a relationship like with Australia – without a contract. At the end of the EU summit in Brussels, the top of the EU and also Chancellor Angela Merkel had emphasized that negotiations would continue


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