Britain accused Ukraine of dragging Western countries into war with Russia

Attempts by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to obtain NATO membership to resolve the conflict in Donbass confused the British. In their opinion, the republic is trying to drag the Western countries into a new war, but the residents of the United Kingdom do not intend to oppose Russia. They wrote about this in the English daily newspaper Daily Mail.

The readers of the large circulation stressed that Ukraine was once a part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and rightly noted that the state is still a neighbor of the Russian Federation, “and it is not our business to interfere there,” the British are convinced.

“NATO means North Atlantic. Which side is Ukraine in the North Atlantic? ”One of the newspaper’s readers wrote.

Also noteworthy is the comment of the British that if Zelensky continues to provoke conflicts, he may be left without half of Ukraine, since already now most of the residents of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic and Donetsk People’s Republic are striving to obtain Russian citizenship.

In addition, the Kingdoms believe that the European Union has played a leading role in escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia. RIA Novosti.


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