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British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab confirmed that his country is on the verge of achieving a major breakthrough in its epidemic crisis, after the success of the vaccination campaign, and the decrease in the number of new infections and deaths. But he warned that some preventive measures may remain until the middle of this year. Raab said the British people should remain mindful of social media’s caveats. He added that the country is about to bypass most of the restrictions, but it should do so with great caution; “Because we don’t want to see what we have achieved with the sacrifices evaporate.” He indicated that the government is convinced that the smartest way to deal with exit from the closure is for it to be done with all caution. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is scheduled to announce further relief from the closure restrictions, starting May 17. This will be followed by the announcement of the lifting of all closure restrictions, effective June 21st. The British government, which suffered the worst number of deaths from the epidemic in the European continent, carried out the most successful fierce campaign to vaccinate the population before all other countries. Yesterday London announced that it had finally succeeded in fully vaccinating a quarter of its adult population. This means that they received both doses of the vaccine. And 34 million Britons received at least one dose of vaccinations, which led to stopping the spread of the new Corona virus infection. As a result, the number of Covid-19 deaths fell on Saturday in Britain to only 7, compared to 1,300 deaths per day last January. The foreign minister expected that the restriction related to physical distancing and wearing masks would remain after June 21. He said that this comes as a matter of more caution and caution.

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The newspaper “Daily Telegraph” yesterday indicated that the number of daily Covid-19 deaths in both England and Wales has remained during the past month less than the number of deaths from influenza, according to government health data. During the week ending April 16, 2021, the average number of Covid deaths was around 29 deaths per day, compared to 80 deaths from influenza and severe pneumonia during the same period of the years 2015-2018. Professor of medical statistics and epidemic control at Oxford University, Professor Sarah Walker, told The Telegraph that the global epidemic has become a local epidemic that is under control in Britain.

The Dean of the College of Public Health at Brown University, Dr. Ashish Jha, said that most US states may feel closer to normal life by early July. However, this is subject to the continuation of the vaccination campaign as scheduled, even if its course slows down in some places. He added – according to Bloomberg yesterday – that the matter will not be 100%, “but it will be very close to what it was before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.” He explained that encouraging all residents of the United States to undergo vaccination, as it is the key to the solution in search of a way to return to normal life. Despite describing the mutated strain of the new Corona virus in India as “ugly”, Jha said that the available vaccines are still effective in resolving that strain. In a related context; Britain decided to conduct a study on 40,000 people to study their daily examination of the Covid-19 virus, in search of an alternative to self-isolation. It will give 7 self-testing devices to people who have had contact with those infected with the virus. At the end of the period, if their test is proven negative, they will be required to end their self-isolation. The project will study the possibility of an alternative to the 10-day isolation period for those who had contact with someone infected with the virus. This comes in the context of Britain’s efforts to get rid of the restrictions of closure, after the number of new infections and deaths decreased.

America returns to normal life in July

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