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The UK authorities may decide to resume overseas travel in early May 2021. On Thursday, April 8, reports The Guardian.

According to the proposals of the British government, countries will be classified according to the “traffic light system”: “green”, “yellow” and “red” lists, which will indicate how citizens who have visited another country should be tested for infection and self-isolate according to return to England.

Additionally, the UK Department of Transport will compile a “watchlist” that will identify countries with the likelihood of moving from “green” to “yellow”, which will help citizens plan their trip more carefully. However, the department noted that even with the use of such lists, ministers can instantly change the status of a country.

It is expected that in early May, UK ministers will give a final answer on the issue of travel abroad and provide lists of countries with statuses on the situation with the disease.

It is specified that the data will be regularly updated taking into account such factors as the level of infection with coronavirus infection, the extent of its spread and the scale of vaccination programs for the population.

At the moment, the list of countries with the highest incidence rates is topped by the United States, Israel, Chile and the Maldives.

Citizens arriving from the Green List countries will be required to undergo a viral disease test before leaving and upon returning to England. Self-isolation or other tests are not required in this case.

In the event that a citizen returns from the countries of the “yellow list”, he is required to pass a test before leaving, isolate for 10 days after the trip, and also be tested on the second and eighth days upon arrival in the UK.

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The “Red List” has been in effect since early January and mostly concerns South America and South Africa. Citizens arriving from these locations are quarantined at government hotels in England.

Also, the government of the country expressed its readiness to halve the cost of testing and hope to cooperate with travel agencies and companies providing tests for coronavirus.

On March 28, the British edition of the Sunday Times reported that it was not planned to launch a full-fledged air service between Great Britain and other countries on 17 May, despite reports of this kind. The publication noted that flights will be launched no earlier than August 2021.

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