Britain on Way to Ditch Your Coronavirus Social Distancing Next Month | latest news

England is on the way to abandon the coronavirus social distancing rule before the end of next month which requires people to stay at least one meter away, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The British government is proceeding according to a roadmap it has set for itself to end the closure restrictions in stages, as vaccines have helped curb the great spread of the virus..and June 21 has been determined to return to normal life.

England is preparing for the next phase of easing the lockdown measures on May 17th, which is supposed to include international travel, and Johnson said he did not want to see an influx of disease upon resuming flights and this is why the government is so cautious about loosening the restrictions of the closure.

The roadmap recognizes that social distancing is difficult and harmful to companies and as a result it is important to return to as close to normal as possible as soon as possible. Johnson says that the results of the review help to make decisions about the timing and conditions under which the special rules can be lifted well in advance.


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