Britain reports 19 deaths due to blood clots after the AstraZeneca vaccine

In the UK, 79 cases of blood clots were detected after vaccination against coronavirus with the drug company AstraZeneca, of which 19 ended in the death of patients. About it reported UK Medicines and Health Products Administration.

“Unfortunately, out of 79 cases, 19 people died – 13 women and 6 men. 11 of the 19 deceased were under 50 years old, the age of three more was less than 30 years old, ”the message says.

Thrombosis risk recognized as rare side effect of AstraZeneca vaccine

All 79 people who developed thrombosis after vaccination received only the first dose of AstraZeneca.

The FDA reviewed reports of blood clots and low platelet counts received up to and including March 31. As of 31 March, 20.2 million AstraZeneca vaccines had been given in the UK. “This means that the overall risk of developing blood clots is approximately 4 people per million who receive the vaccine,” the British regulator said.


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