Britain reports 598 new deaths from COVID-19 | World

LONDON (AP) – The British government reported Tuesday that another 598 people have died across the United Kingdom after being diagnosed with COVID-19, the highest daily number since May.

Since the start of the pandemic, daily figures released on Tuesdays have been invariably higher than the 7-day average due to an obvious delay in weekend reports.

The daily increase brought the total in the country to 52,745 deaths, the highest in Europe. The actual balance is believed to be higher, because the government’s count only includes those who died within 28 days of their diagnosis, and not those who died untested.

The government also announced that another 20,051 people tested positive. The figure represents the lowest level in two weeks and the fifth consecutive decline in daily infections. In recent days there have been signs that the restrictions imposed in the UK, especially the current lockdown in England, have helped contain the spread of the virus.


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