Britain reveals a precise 10-day anti-ISIS operation in the caves of Iraq

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The British Ministry of Defense said today, Thursday, that Britain carried out several air strikes targeting ISIS (the terrorist banned in Russia and a number of countries in the world) in northern Iraq last month as part of a coordinated operation with Iraqi ground forces that lasted ten days.

The ministry added, “Iraqi security forces expelled the terrorist organization from the Makhmour Mountains to the southwest of Erbil, while Royal Air Force aircraft and other coalition aircraft carried out an air attack during the operation.”

The decision to attack was taken on March 22, when it was confirmed that ISIS forces were stationed in a network of caves in the Makhmour Mountains. Three RAF Typhoon fighters carried out an attack using Storm Shadow missiles. “

The British Ministry of Defense said that “subsequent follow-up confirmed the success of the strike.”

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said, “The British Armed Forces, along with our Iraqi partners and coalition forces, continue to root out ISIS terrorists from the areas they are hiding in,” according to Reuters.

“The United Kingdom is committed to defeating ISIS. This operation will prevent the terrorist group and its toxic ideology from regaining a foothold in Iraq, and reduce its ability to coordinate attacks around the world,” he added.

The Ministry of Defense said, “As part of a separate operation on the fourth of April, a British Royal Air Force drone armed with Hellfire missiles succeeded in targeting a small group of ISIS elements in northern Syria, about 80 kilometers west of Hasakah.”

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