Britain will not return to normal life for at least two years

A former chief scientific adviser to the British government has warned that it will be “a few years” before the United Kingdom can return to normal life after the Coronavirus pandemic. In this context, Sir Mark Walport said that despite the “very good progress” that has been achieved in the path of eliminating “Covid 19”, restrictions should continue to be applied in the future to combat new outbreaks. “I expect that we will have to live with some measures that restrict social interactions for the whole of this year at least, and we will see. I hope next year will be more normal,” he said in an interview with the “BBC Breakfest” program (on the “BBC”). In a few years, we will fully return to normal life. “

In the context of warning against lifting the current restrictions imposed too early, Walport said, “The vaccination operations and the deployment of the vaccine are being carried out with great success … We have witnessed the death rates decline at an acceptable speed … This is all very good news, but we just have to direct our eyes through the channel.” (English) Let’s see how France is currently registering more than 39,000 new infections per day. ” He added, “So, without a doubt, this virus is still among us, and if we lift all restrictions, there is a very high risk of an additional outbreak.”

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Sir Mark Walport served as the chief scientific advisor to the British government from 2013 to 2017, and is now the CEO of UK Research and Innovation. In his interview with the BBC, he also mentioned “what the“ scientific body’s model for dealing with pandemic and influenza ”showed us is that even with a highly effective vaccine, the matter will not be complete, and not everyone will receive the vaccine. With the advent of June (when restrictions and closures are lifted), there will be many people who lack immunity, which creates the framework for a possible new wave (outbreak). ” He added: “But it is likely that this wave will be different from the first wave, because we know that vaccines are very good at stopping deaths (due to Corona) and in keeping people without the need for a hospital. That is why it is necessary to focus carefully on what the data and figures show us in present time”.

When Walport was asked about how long social distancing and face masks might remain part of people’s lives, he said, “We have lived with influenza for many years, and now we unfortunately have to live with the Corona virus. But we know that with time (the virus) will change its relationship with us,” And this is in light of the acquisition of more human immunity. Walport also mentioned that restrictions on international travel remain a key factor in keeping infection rates low, as the country (Britain) “can avoid importing some (Covid 19) strains that may be able to resist the vaccine.” He added, “We will not be able to completely avoid these strains, and we know very well that the South African mutated strain is here in very few numbers. But, nevertheless, we have to give the vaccines as long as possible in order to adapt and be able to deal with future virus modifications when they emerge.” These new modifications will continue to appear in all parts of the world. “


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