Britain’s hopes for a US trade deal will be dashed if Joe Biden becomes president, MPs warn

It has been claimed that if Joe Biden becomes president, hopes for a US trade deal will be fulfilled.

High-ranking MPs warned the Democrats that he did not understand Brexit and would rather side with the EU.

Mr Biden has expressed concern that peace in Northern Ireland may fall victim to Brexit.

Some critics say it would be better for Donald Trump to win again.

Tory MP David Jones, a former Brexit minister, said: “Recent comments by Biden make it clear that he is unable or unwilling to understand the UK position on Brexit. His attitude is unsympathetic to the desire of the British people to regain their independence.

Colonel Richard Kemp, who has worked with the US on security, said: “Trump is one of the most pro-British presidents in history.

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“Yes, he will bargain hard in trade, but it is his job to maximize US interests.

“My concern is that Biden would also try to maximize the EU’s interests when negotiating with the UK.

“He wouldn’t take the same hard line with rogue states like China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. A Biden victory would be bad for the world. “

He was endorsed by ex-Tory chief Iain Duncan Smith, while Center for Brexit Policy’s John Longworth said: “Biden was Vice President in 2016 when Obama gave Britain his trade message ‘put it back on the table’.

“The Trump administration made it clear that it wants to get a full trade deal as soon as possible.

“He is almost certainly the best candidate for Britain after the Brexit period.

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