A British actress of Israeli nationality said Wednesday that Israeli social services had "kidnapped" her baby. According to her, her baby girl was kidnapped in the night while her friend was keeping her. She posted a video showing the baby being taken away by a woman accompanied by the police.

It's a British actress who came to Israel to give birth to the baby. It was after the United Kingdom's welfare services warned him that when the baby was born, this one would be removed because of his drug use and various psychiatric problems.

The lawyer for actress Yossi Necker said: "We can not comment on the details, because of the confidentiality of the file.
But a great injustice has been committed both towards the baby and for the mother and the baby's host family who will give their heart and soul to this little girl.

We hope and believe that it can be remedied. We hope to go quickly to avoid creating links that would make it difficult for the child to return the child to his mother, as well as to the host family.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services stated: "These cases are subject to confidentiality and therefore no details can be disclosed, in which case different elements of the Ministry are dealt with., including the international unit of the Ministry of Social Affairs, which maintains contacts with counterparts in the country of origin, with legal counsel and relevant professional bodies in Israel. The good of the baby is a priority and we are working to find the best solution.