British game sales chart for the new week: Pokémon series derivative new work wins championship

Liu Peng2021-05-04 10:12:21

Yesterday (May 3), the latest week of the British physical game sales rankings was released. Among them, the newly released “New Pokémon Shooting with Music” won the first place. Its sales in the first week are derived from the previous series. The game “Pokémon: Incredible Labyrinth Rescue Team DX” is 2.5 times larger; and “Neil: Artificial Life ver.1.22474487139…”, which ranked first last week, fell out of the top ten and placed 22nd.

The following is the specific ranking:

1. “New Pokémon Shoot with Music”


3. “Super Mario 3D World + Fury World”

4. “Mario Racing 8” Deluxe Edition

5. “Assemble! Animal Crossing

6.《FIFA 21》

7. “Minecraft” Switch version

7. “GTA5” tied

9. “Fitness Ring Adventure”

10. “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”


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